Here comes ‘The Big One’….well, sort of.

Being a resident of Los Angeles for most of my life, with a brief four year stint in the Bay Area, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen scientific reports attempt to predict or quantify the proverbial “big one”.  Needless to say, most of these “predictions” cast such a large net, that they will probably come true in some shape or form.  According to an article in the Mercury News researchers have made the following spot on prediction:

In the end, they determined Northern California’s probability of a sizable tremor in the next 30 years is 93 percent, while Southern California’s is estimated at 97 percent. The Bay Area and Los Angeles, they found, have nearly identical odds of having a massive quake – about two in three.

Well, that makes me feel better.  Thirty years, huh.  Ok, I can rest easier now.  One interesting aspect of the study though poses the widespread notion that Los Angeles is more susceptible to a large sized tremor is not necessarily the case.  Although, I like how Northern Cali is 4 percent less likely to get hit.  Nice.  Did I also say that the Giants really suck this year.  You’d think if they can predict such a slight probability, they would give us a better window than thirty years!

Unfortunately, we can’t count on Superman to fly around earth, cause the planet’s rotation to reverse, subsequently turning back time in order to save your sunken Chevelle from a massive geological fissure, so as a precaution you can use the following tips from the California Governor’s office to protect yourself.

Just something to gnaw on, while you twiddle your thumbs for oh, I don’t know, the next thirty years or so. 




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