Father of Chaos Theory, dies at 90

Edward Lorenz, mathematician and meterologist, passed away last week at the age of 90. Many of us are familiar with Lorenz’s great idea, commonly known as “chaos theory” and has been widely popularized by the phrase “The Butterfly Effect”. The idea itself originally called the Lorenz Attractor, presupposes that a small change in the atmosphere produced by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could potentially cause or prevent a tornado somewhere in the world.

Many people, including myself, had never heard of Lorenz until his passing this week, but the idea that he made famous will continue to enlighten for decades to come. Other than explaining the potential of chaos theory in a meteorological framework, it also hints to the idea that we are all deeply interconnected in some way. The little decisions we make, as small as they might seem, can potentially set off momentous chain reactions and lead to events more epic than we can imagine. Like the butterfly flapping its wings, every action has its consequences even if we do not see all ends.



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