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New Math

Posted in abstractions, art, design, humor, ideas on March 13, 2009 by artofpeace


Witty formulas.  Life is so much simpler this way.



A better, brighter apocalypse

Posted in culture, humor, ideas, world with tags , on July 20, 2008 by artofpeace

I’ve been away for a bit, so busy, and also trying my hand at writing in other realms. But in the “gnaw the ledge” tradition, I had to come back from the brink of oblivion to bring you a great article from an awesome group of individuals at It is a website filled with great blogs on how we should think about the world “after” green. Meaning that, okay, conservation and buying a hybrid and using plant pots made out of cow dung is great, but how do we move past that and change our world profoundly; the ways in which we live, breath, consume, and waste for the future.

One conception that we must change is the all-or-nothing proposition of “the apocalypse” and what it does to our ability to think about the future and changing what has been almost accepted as inevitable. I’m as guilty as anyone of buying into the Y2Ks, and the 2012s, and the illuminati conspiracy…it’s all in fun and dread, but it might not be as bad as we think. Blogger Alex Steffen gives us several ideas to think about as far as “why the apocalypse makes us dumb”

Read it, you might like it…dummy.



Posted in art, humor with tags on June 16, 2008 by artofpeace

a great ‘sesame street’ style homage to a wonderfully universal problem.

one that has plagued the author of this blog recently on more than one occasion.

story. animation. direction. by Johnny Kelly

(thanks for the link Julie!)

How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted in humor, ideas with tags , , on May 13, 2008 by artofpeace

The world being is being overrun by zombies!! Whether you ascribe to the metaphorical zombie (ie. republicans, yuppies, or him) or the biological zombie (ie. ebola) or the funky zombie (ie. fela kuti), the idea of an entire community of these flesh eating monsters coming after you can keep one awake at night.

Not to fear, WIRED has a wonderful tutorial on how to “survive a zombie apocalypse“. The information is surprisingly practical, and even covers “long term survival” which is often underrepresented in most Zombie movies. Remember, keep your head, and don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Top Ten Dumb Accountant Tax Tips

Posted in humor with tags on April 15, 2008 by artofpeace


In honor of this special day, here are some insightful tips from the Late Show with David Letterman:

10. Don’t file a W-2 form unless your name begins with “W”

9. Answer every question “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

8. Hide all money in mattress, on return write “No money hidden in mattress”

7. If you’ve just eaten, don’t do taxes for at least half an hour

6. Hire yourself as an employee, fire yourself, sue yourself for discrimination, deduct court costs

5. Report $1 billion income so IRS will think you’re some sort of big shot

4. For “charitable contributions,” list $9 you spent on last Kevin Costner movie

3. Request bonus deduction because “easy” misspelled on 1040-EZ form

2. To distract the auditor, enclose a photo of yourself naked

1. Remember, you can’t spell “taxes” without “CPA”