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Brooklyn the Planet

Posted in art, photography on March 14, 2009 by artofpeace

554937007_2648f4cca7Photography is a medium whose essential foundation is the ‘captured moment’.  A moment in time that demarcates a place, a time, a memory.  In the era of camera phones, we tend to take the historicity of this medium for granted as we are flooded by images via every social networking tool you can imagine.  That’s why this archive of lovely photographs in and around Brooklyn in the 1970s is so special.  As a document they are exceedingly rich and textured, and it doesn’t hurt that the photographer (WhiskeyGoneBad) is quite skilled.  Enjoy this ‘snapshot’ of time.



Primed Minister

Posted in ideas, photography, views, world on March 11, 2009 by artofpeace

2255805126_bc0f394267The photography on this Flickr account is something rather extraordinary.  Breathtaking landscapes, and exotic once-in-a-lifetime moments plucked from obscurity by the talents of photographer Primed Minister.  His colors are amazing and the vast perspectives leave much for the eyes to feast upon.  It will humble you, and amplify the provincial nature of your life.  Beautiful life-changing work.