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No justice, No peace

Posted in world with tags , on May 27, 2008 by artofpeace

It’s been revealed that Humanitarian aid workers and United Nation peacekeepers have been sexually abusing children in exchange for food and money. According to a report released Tuesday by Save the Children UK:

Children as young as 6 have been forced to have sex with aid workers and peacekeepers in return for food and money, Save the Children UK said in a report released Tuesday.

After interviewing hundreds of children, the charity said it found instances of rape, child prostitution, pornography, indecent sexual assault and trafficking of children for sex.

The idea that the people who are sent to uplift and aid those in need, are the same ones taking blatant advantage of them is appalling. As one 15-year-old girl from Haiti told researchers:

My friends and I were walking by the National Palace one evening when we encountered a couple of humanitarian men. The men called us over and showed us their penises.

They offered us 100 Haitian gourdes ($2.80) and some chocolate if we would suck them. I said, ‘No,’ but some of the girls did it and got the money.

For every hopeful thing that gives you strength each day, just one instance such as this, can bring it all crashing down. Reading this article left me with a numb feeling, which quickly turned to anger and rage. I have to admit, as a recent father myself, the idea of any child suffering pain or neglect when it can be prevented hurts me deeply.

According to CNN, “Save the Children is calling for a global watchdog to tackle the problem and said it was working with the U.N. to establish local mechanisms that will allow victims to easily report abuse.” Please read about these heinous abuses and do what you can to learn about and support those organizations who seek justice for these victims.

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